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Case studies
Zoniq & GreenWay: Navigating the uncertainty of the EV market with data-driven insights
As electric vehicles (EVs) gain traction, the race isn't just to increase the number of charging stations—it's to ensure these stations are strategically placed for optimal use, and this has been the core of our collaboration between with GreenWay. In this case study, we'll go over how GreenWay has been able to benefit from Zoniq's products and to optimize their network expansion efforts.
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Profitable EV charging stations 101
Ever wondered how to get the most out of your charging station investments? It all starts with putting the right station in the right spot. Let's dig into three key challenges for designing a profitable station.
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Company Updates
We are now Zoniq!
The past year has been incredible for Mobilyze! ‍We’ve significantly improved the precision of our utilization estimations, added utilization data from almost 20,000 European locations to train our algorithms, and built a new interactive version of our Evaluation results that allows you to model various scenarios for site utilization.‍
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Product Updates
Mobilyze’s Product Update for March
We are bringing you the Product update for the past month. In March alone, we evaluated over 2,600 locations for our clients! Our clients are hungry for new leads and want to place new chargers in increasingly competitive markets. We ran detailed analyses for them so they could focus on the suitable locations and get their investments' worth.
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