Mobilyze’s Product Update for March


We are bringing you the Product update for the past month. In March alone, we evaluated over 2,600 locations for our clients! Our clients are hungry for new leads and want to place new chargers in increasingly competitive markets. We ran detailed analyses for them so they could focus on the suitable locations and get their investments' worth.

Do you like our scorecards? You’re going to love our new interactive calculator then. You can always rely on our scorecards to understand the details of any lead you are pursuing. Soon, learning all the details of a lead will be more accessible and interactive!

The new calculator will be linked directly to your results. It will also allow you to change station configuration and help you choose between various powers to maximize your ROI. Have you ever wondered what would happen to that location when the new development nearby with 100 shops is finished? Wonder no more - adjust the slider and see the results in real-time. Our first customers are already using it in the beta version. You can also join the beta by reaching out to us.

Are you sure you haven’t missed a great location while scrolling through a map? We have done quite a bit of scouting for new locations in March. We have a fresh outlook and have engineered several new indicators that can help you identify new promising locations for slow or fast charging on a large scale.

Does it matter whether your slow charger is on the street or in a parking garage? In short, yes, it does. We've created a new model for you, and soon, we'll account for the differences in parking types in all your slow charger utilization evaluations.

We collected exciting data for Poland and Italy and created insightful market dashboards for our clients. More countries are coming soon!

Also, we are munching and crunching a ton of new data in the background, which will soon give you even more precise predictions.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Mobilyze - we have some significant developments in store!

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