Profitable EV charging stations 101

Ever wondered how to get the most out of your charging station investments? It all starts with putting the right station in the right spot. Let's dig into three key challenges for designing a profitable station.

EV Charger Station Profitability Pyramid

1. Location Feasibility:

Can I place a charging station there?

It's not a one-size-fits-all situation. Strategies for overcoming obstacles at this stage can vary widely among Charge Point Operators (CPOs). What works for one may not work for another. This phase could involve different approaches, like forming strategic partnerships, responding to tenders, or actively seeking opportunities. Here are some key things to think about:

Regulatory Environment: Make sure you're following local regulations, zoning laws, permits, and considering environmental factors.

Ownership Rights and Contracts: Understand land ownership rights. Favorable terms can really impact profitability.

Infrastructure: Check if essential infrastructure like electrical connections, suitable parking areas, and ease of installation are available. Sometimes, it's make or break.

2. Location Potential:

Is it worth building a charging station there?

In a spot with high potential, you'd expect lots of EV drivers eager to charge up. While some signs of a good location are obvious, like heavy traffic, it gets tricky when you consider all criteria at once. Let's break it down into three critical factors we often discuss with CPOs:

Traffic: Volume matters! But it's not just about the number of EVs passing by; you need to capture that traffic.

Capture Potential: Nearby amenities, like restaurants or shopping centers, can make a big difference in converting traffic into charging. Sometimes, even busy areas fall short if there's not much to do nearby.

Competition: Existing charging infrastructure can affect the potential of a new station. It's a bit of a double-edged sword, which might need its own article!

3. Charging Station Setup:

What charging station should I build there?

Even if you've found a feasible site with high potential, your station might not be profitable if it's not the right fit. Here's what to consider:

Charging Capacity: Figure out the power capacity and number of connectors based on the location's potential. Look at peaks over days, weeks, and seasons to get it right.

User Experience (UX): Make sure it's easy and intuitive for EV drivers to use. Consider the full context, like offering valet parking services that utilize EV charging to maximize potential.

Where does Mobilyze fit in?

You probably guessed it, we specialize in assessing location potential at Mobilyze, and we're experts at turning complex data into actionable insights to help you find the best spots to expand to.

We've got a lot to say about charging station setup as well, and we can predict how different configurations will affect your utilization and profitability. Of course, there are some things we can't address, like the feasibility aspect of the game, but we can help you connect the dots between your feasibility data and location potential.

Get in touch to learn more, and stay tuned for more articles. We learn a lot by working with you, and we're excited to share our insights!

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