Zoniq & GreenWay: Navigating the uncertainty of the EV market with data-driven insights


As electric vehicles (EVs) gain traction, the race isn't just to increase the number of charging stations—it's to ensure these stations are strategically placed for optimal use, and this has been the core of our collaboration between with GreenWay. In this case study, we'll go over how GreenWay has been able to benefit from Zoniq's products and to optimize their network expansion efforts.

The Challenge: Navigating Market Uncertainty

The GreenWay team wanted to implement a more data-driven approach in navigating the EV market's uncertainty, specifically regarding their network expansion. How do you pinpoint the perfect spots for your charging stations with so many uncertainties on the market?

"Since the beginning, knowledge of the business has guided our decisions regarding where to place chargers, but it is more and more important to us to start making more data-driven decisions,"

- Włodzimierz Walkusz, Network Development Planning Manager from GreenWay.

Zoniq's Solution: Data-Driven Network Planning

Zoniq offered GreenWay location intelligence tools to optimize their approach to network planning. Initially, Zoniq’s involvement centered on evaluating around 300 potential locations for GreenWay's expansion project.

We began by integrating Zoniq’s insights to inform our decisions on expanding our charging network. Their extensive datasets and advanced models provide us with more data points and a better idea of where and how to expand most effectively,” 

said Włodzimierz Walkusz from Greenway.

Implementation and Integration

The partnership's initial phase saw Zoniq’s insights used to fundamentally understand location utilization and its impact on GreenWay’s business results. The transition from experimental application to embedding Zoniq’s data into daily operations is important in GreenWay’s strategy to enhance its network's reach and profitability, and we are currently in this phase.


How GreenWay utilizes Zoniq’s products and services:

Strategic Site Selection: Utilizing Zoniq's comprehensive data analytics, GreenWay can pinpoint high-demand areas, ensuring new stations are both accessible and profitable. For example, we did a project together involving nearly 300 locations with a retail chain, where Zoniq’s insights directly influenced the decision-making process between installing single chargers or hubs of a few DC chargers.

Economic Effectiveness: Zoniq's forecasting tools are important in calculating the economic effectiveness of potential new sites. For significant investments, GreenWay aims to estimate CapEx and forecast financial performance over extensive periods, a critical factor in their long-term planning. We are working together on implementation  Zoniq’s forecasts and estimates to Greenway’s investment plan.

Operational Improvements: The transition to the practical application of Zoniq’s data is allowing GreenWay to refine their operational strategies. The predictive models and tools provided by Zoniq offer valuable insights into utilization trends, assisting in the economic and strategic expansion of their charging infrastructure.

When we talked with Walkusz  in order to gather feedback for this case study he told us they view our cooperation as very important:

"Our partnership has been important in helping shape our expansion strategy. Their reliable data and insights are important for our decision-making process, helping guide us on which locations to develop or upgrade. They've become a valuable asset in planning our network's growth.

Future Outlook: A Partnership for Sustainable Mobility

Looking ahead, we plan to deepen our collaboration, focusing on leveraging data analytics for even more strategic network planning and customer service improvements. Or how Włodzimierz Walkusz put it:

"Our journey with Zoniq is far from over. We're exploring how to integrate their insights into our operations further, aiming to enhance our location selection and expand our network," 

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