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Zoniq Products

With our data-driven solutions, we can help you identify the best possible locations for EV charging, expand your network while maximizing ROI, and optimize your existing network.

Maximize charger usage and profitability with the most comprehensive utilization AI models

Zoniq’s utilization models are trained on the biggest dataset of utilization data in the world including years worth of transactional data from thousands of locations and are updated every month. Our models utilize economic activity & demographic data from open and licensed sources to accurately estimate current and future demand for public EV charging.

Get the most accurate and up-to-date traffic counts using our traffic model

We have developed our proprietary traffic model that provides estimated annual average daily traffic counts, tailored through extensive research for optimal sizing. It's all about making informed decisions with data that shows potential area demand, broken down by road class, using a mix of open data and licensed GPS traces. It's our way of making sure your site choices are grounded in solid, demand-focused data.

What our clients say about Zoniq

"Zoniq added tremendous value by providing relevant and accurate mobility databases across our main markets in Europe. We have maintained a lean team and decreased our time to market with our internal location intelligence product significantly"

Yannick Schuermans

@Fastned | Director, Operations & Analytics

"Our partnership has been important in helping shape our expansion strategy. Their reliable data and insights are important for our decision-making process, helping guide us on which locations to develop or upgrade. They've become a valuable asset in planning our network's growth."

Włodzimierz Walkusz

@GreenWay | Network Development Planning Manager

"Zoniq provides high quality databases, such as traffic counts, which bring a lot of value to our geolocation project. It saves time and drives our choices in a more succesful and effective way."

Leticia Bala

@Atlante | Site Development Specialist

Maximize the revenue from your EV charging points with Zoniq.

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